How to make Phin coffee- Vietnamese Coffee

How to make Phin coffee– Vietnamese Coffee

AvanaCoffee – True Coffee From Di Linh

Preparations: coffee powder from Avana Coffee & the kit

The kit includes: the filter chamber, filter press, bottom filter, and cap.

This method takes about 4-5 minutes from start to finish. It is more interesting and guarantees incredible flavor.

Place the bottom filter on top of your cup. Use teaspoon to take coffee powder. The powder will occupy around 2/3 of the filter chamber.

Some people prefer a glass mug or cup because they can watch the progress of the brewing.

You can adjust the quantity somewhat for your taste.

Wet the coffee using about a couple of tablespoons of 100 0C water. which makes the water level rise just above the filter insert. Wait 60 seconds for the water to sink into the coffee.
Place the filter press into the coffee powder gentlely. Do not press it.


Now pour rest of the water in till it is almost to the top of the filter chamber.

Now it is time for the coffee to brew. Put the cap on.

Sit back and relax, the brewing takes about 4-5 minutes typically.


If you want to use sweetened condensed milk, as they do in Vietnamese coffeeshops, add the milk to the cup BEFORE brewing for the most authentic experience.

If you are using a glass cup or mug it is easier to see when the brewing is done. If not, then after 5 minutes lift the cap and see if the water has drained.


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